Samir Nirakar

Samir Nirakar is travelling around the world bringing Light, Hope, Love and Peace. 

He is a Singing Bowls and Meditation Master 

A Professor 

A Writer 

A Teacher 

A Therapist 

A Life Guide 

Nirakar has gained extensive coverage in Europe, USA, Middle East, Russia and Nepal, with his goal to develop new techniques of health and care combining ancient Himalayan traditions with contemporary western knowledges. 

Originally from Paris but with Algerian Berbers roots, Nirakar understood at age 7 his life will be different from others. Samir Nirakar can see beyond things by channeling the unique energy of beings and strong interconnections between beings, matter and the universe feelings inside of him. 

From age 16, he realized that he could be channeled and put it to a good use by helping, guiding others. He decided to study History, Ancient Civilizations, Biology, Physics, Astronomy, Anatomy, and the power of Herbs and Plants, Stones, Gems and Minerals. As always, he wanted to find answers and try to find the kernel of who we are and why we are here. 

Feelings and pictures became stronger and clearer, he discovered his own bio-magnetic field, and was able to work on it to improve his performance and to treat, guide and help others. Combining these insights, his feelings and his anatomical and medical knowledge, he started to share, guide and help others at age 29. 

10 years ago, he decided to look deeper inside of himself in order to complete his own transformation and happiness. Nirakar knew he would have to go both to and into a special place in order to achieve a higher state. Ever since his calling, he developed an affinity for literally going to the top of world, the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal. There, he met his Singing Bowls and Meditation Master in the heights of the mountains and spent almost 2 years learning to develop his skills. Nirakar learned how to heal with Singing Bowls and Meditation Technics, learning from a master the ancient techniques that have reverberated throughout the ages. 

Based in Nepal, Nirakar has since opened a Natural Healing Center in West Nepal on the Pokhara Annapurnas moutain range and Kathmandu, where he continues to provide therapies with Singing Bowls, Meditation, Bio Magnetism, gems and stones combined therapies. He became a Singing Bowls and Meditation Master, using therapy to treat, guide and train hundreds of people from all over the world. He has been chosen by the Governmental TV Channel in Nepal “NTV” to educate people on about the Singing Bowls Art and techniques of these ancient traditions, combining ancient and ancestral Himalayan uses with Western medical knowledge and experience. The National Medical Talk show on “Fewa TV” also interviewed him to know more about his Medical and therapetical tool. And most recently the French TV “BTLV” did the same as well.

He trained many doctors at the American Hospital of Pokhara Nepal on the applications of medical Singing Bowls and massage therapies to reduce pain and stress to injured patients. He is a reference, a guider and a learner of traditions both past and present. 

3 years ago, he decided to leave his Nepali comfort zone and to travel worldwide to share his knowledges, techniques and expose himself by providing therapies treatment to people worldwide. 

He started in San Francisco at the Crescent Moon Center and CRS Center Manhattan, New York City, where he also used to provide therapies at the Brooklyn Medical Center. During this time, he delivered many conferences at the Colombia University Asian dept. After a few months, he returned to his hometown of Paris to participate in some alternative medical congress, where he led workshops, training programs and conferences. After 1 year in the Middle East in Oman, he exposed himself and his therapies to Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Bahrain. He has been invited many times to Moscow, Russia to provide conferences, workshops and Singing Bowls therapies. 

During his lifelong journey Nirakar has been providing Singing Bowls therapies to influential people ranging from politicians, athletes, doctors, artists, government ministers, and royal families from Dubai, Bahrain to the Sultanate of Oman. He continues to perform Singing Bowls Meditation Nights worldwide from far East to far West in beautiful stunning locations. From the top of the world to the metropolises of Europe and the West, his ability to treat and help by aligning his gifts with his sense of time, place and vibration continues to charm and create lasting bonds between himself and the world around him. 

Himalayan's Full Moon Singing Bowls will touch and transform your body using different sounds to reach different frequencies by using deep vibrations to heal the physical body and mind. Sound is vibration and vibration touch every part of our physical being. Sound is heard not only by our ears, but through every cell in our bodies, making the therapies a physical and mental encounter, aligning chakras with a sense of reverberation and intimacy, the therapy is designed to bring healing energies that can provide treatment for both physical and mental ailments. 

This is a regenerative and ancestral process married to a Spiritual and Energetical awakening that can have a profound impact and positive consequence for everyone. Chakras require balancing, and they must be strong enough to protect yourself from low energies or low frequencies that make us sick and unhappy. Singing Bowls therapy will bring you into a life where everything will match and align both physically and spiritually. Through vibration, your light will shine on you and others. 



The Singing Bowls History began more than 5000 years ago, it is a product of what we know today as the Bronze Age. They relate to our 7 body chakras. 

Chakras are the connection between the spiritual aspect of our being and the physical. When a physical dysfunction is in one place, one or more chakras are considered to be unbalanced. Chakras are linked and matched with the seven Plexus Endocrinal Glands of our physical body.

The chakra balancing therapy is a treatment correcting and balancing unbalanced chakras, so that the endocrinal gland and all the associated organs effected by that gland run correctly to maintain the body and mind. 

The first Singing Bowls were used as a domestic tool, then in late centuries they’ve became a spiritual tool used for prayers, meditation and for cultural and religious rituals, only more recently have they been used to heal and regenerate. Back in the early days, many centuries ago, Tibetans were not able to work the metals. Tibetans had to cross the Himalaya to Katmandu Valley to transform their own metals by Nepalese metal workers. This is the reason why, until today, the very best Singing Bowls are handmade and come from Nepal. 

Nepali Singing Bowls create a range of sounds and acoustic arrangements that restores the normal vibration frequency of disease and parts of the body, mind and soul that are out of harmony. Sounds generated by the Singing Bowls offer a kind of medicinal energy that promotes healing to alleviate stress disorders, pain, physical and muscular pain, depression and other diseases. 

This is a regenerative process married to a spiritual awakening that can have profound impact and positive consequences on all aspect of our lives. Singing Bowls stimulate our brain waves and create a pulsation of sound to entrain our brain and optimize all major Body Endocrinal Glands System (BEGS), which help healing the physical and spiritual body by adapting brain frequencies that in turn will create a new hormonal flow to the associated glands stimulated. Each Singing bowl has his own note, sound, vibration and frequency. 7 main Chakras, 7 endocrinal glands, 7 notes, 7 Singing Bowls. 


Through these therapies, Nirakar can help you fix a physical body issue or emotional needs. With Singing Bowls therapy, you can also enjoy a beautiful and amazing peaceful moment or even awake your Kundalini force. Your energetic body will shine to attract things you desire and help you to achieve your life goals in a peaceful and joyous way. 

The laws of attraction will also bring you beautiful energy. Nepali Singing Bowls naturally causes chakras to self-correct. The sound waves in the form of sine waves run correcting frequencies to the unbalanced chakra, bringing them back to normal functioning and, ultimately, helping us to recover from the stresses and natural physical and mental calamities life has to offer 

Your chakras will experience greater balance and will be strong enough to protect you from low energies or low frequencies that make you sick and unhappy. By balancing these chakras, the therapy will bring you into a life where everything will match with your physical and spiritual needs. Your vibration, your light will shine on you and others.